Who We Are…

“Listen, listen. Love, love.”

What We Do

Epiphany ministry is a nonprofit corporate for young men and women who are in the custody of juvenile facilities. Each epiphany weekend involves a team of adults and youth who work together to show the love of God to those attending. The three day weekend is modeled after Chrysalis, Cross, Cursillo, Happening, Kairos Prison Ministry, Tres Dias, Vida Nueva and Walk to Emmaus.

Each day of the weekend has a theme:

Day #1: You Are Loved!

We are created in the image of God. Therefore, although we sin, God does not forsake us. It would be enough that God does not abandon us, but God actively seeks a relationship with us based on love and grace.

Day #2: You Are Forgiven!

Knowing God’s love for us, we are empowered to confess our faults and change our attitudes and actions, centering our faith in Christ Jesus.

Day #3: Christ Is Counting On You!

Having experienced the love of God, having reconciled ourselves to others, we go out to love, serve, and grow in Christ Jesus.

Epiphany History

Epiphany began in 1991 with the formation of a 14-person board in Montgomery, Alabama lead by Rev. Louise Johns. They decided to base the program on a 3-day weekends (listed above) that already existed in a number of churches. The program continued to be refined and grow, and by 1994 the ministry had expanded to South Carolina and California. By 1998, the ministry had spread to Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. Now nearly a quarter of the states in the U.S. provide Epiphany programs in juvenile facilities. Since 1991, thousands of young men and women have been offered an opportunity to accept and experience God’s truth, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

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