Epiphany Ministry Inc. is an ecumenical Christian Ministry for young men and women who are in the custody of Juvenile Justice Facilities. Our purpose is to manifest God’s love to incarcerated youth, known as “Stars”, through a three-day course in Christianity and an ongoing follow-up program. Each weekend involves a team of adults and youth from the Christian community who work together to show the love of God to those attending.

Testimonies from Stars & Angels:

“The Epiphany meant so much to me. I never knew so many people could love me without ever asking for anything else. I’ve found God and forgiveness I never knew about and I am grateful to know there’s people that I can finally lean on, a family that I never had. Thank you to all Epiphany people.” -Brittney

“Epiphany opened up the gateway of the true freedom that Christ has offered to me and promised me, when He did so that I may live. I was reminded that I’m forgiven and that by Christ’s grace I can be a new person in my attitude, work and love. Hate no longer, co-exist with Christ love in me, love stands as majesty in my heart.” -Camilia

“Epiphany meant true love to me. God’s true love. It taught me that I can be loved unconditionally without even earning it. I learned God’s grace and mercy that is new each and every day. I learned how to forgive and truly let God work on my heart. I truly learned love.” -Kierra

“My experience as an angel was amazing to say the least. I enjoy the ministries that God has put within each volunteer. I love the fellowship and the wisdom. I learn something new each time I experience the walk that symbolizes and teaches on Agape – God’s infinite condition(less) love! Thank God for His will!” -Fairrin

“With this Epiphany weekend I have learned several things that I will always hold dear. The volunteers are amazing people who make me realize that there are good people who care. They care because of the love of Jesus. Being an Angel on the Epiphany walk #8, I have refocused on my forgiveness by reuniting with the volunteers and seeing how at peace they are because they forgive. This inspires me more to give all my anger and resentments to the Lord. You have no idea how much each experience has shaped me to become a more loving person and I am truly grateful for it. Special shoutout to DCI volunteers. God Bless.” -Sherry

“The Epiphany changed my life in so many ways. It was the happiest day of my life. Before I went through the Epiphany, I was in a very dark place in my life. I was hurt, sad, lonely and did not feel loved at all. I have been so hurt in my childhood. I did not know how to love and did not know what it felt like and I did not like a lot of people. I hurt people because that was what hurt people did. On my weekend, the forgiveness set me free. I let go of all the pain that once held my anger for a long time. Only by the goodness of God, I was saved, forgiven and I also forgave. I love the Lord, it’s just something about His name, it’s nothing better than Him. So, I’m here to tell you just give Him a try. He will make a way out of no-way. Just know when times get hard, you always have a friend in the Lord. I am nothing without Him. He died for me and also for you. I love you Lord. It’s nothing better, I have tried so many things. It’s nothing like the feeling I get when I call out the name of the Lord.” – Toya